I am really enjoying the “Flow” book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I have always been a big believer in change, and reading this book just reinforces those beliefs.

What I am most fascinated by, is the fact, that a person (human) can actually “redirect” the thought patterns that occur in ones mind to have a different result than you might be pre-programmed to do, through your own “self” thinking. As example, a person has a dog, and that dog needs to to outside for a potty break, and you become preoccupied and forget to let the dog back inside. The dog barks to remind you of it, however, your currently in the middle of a critical task that you must complete before you can let the dog back inside (such as flipping your omelet before it burns).

Here comes critical thinking. In the past, the barking dog would just drive you nuts, make you panic or begin to feel angst. But NOW, if you focus your conscious, you can actually tell your mind to “drop” that bit of information, or side step it… or however you would like to phrase, it. You have TOTAL control of your thoughts, if you focus on managing them when they force themselves into your consciousness. You can CHANGE how your mind processes information, believe it or not!

This isn’t easy, mind you (excuse the pun), however it IS achievable. I have been practicing with my own mind and I have been astonished more than once. Even more entertaining, is those closest to me, which always “knew” the expected response, that I had let my own conscious responses be pre-programmed with, have become “shocked” that I didn’t respond in a particular way. Was I sick? No, I was re-training my mind, reprogramming my responses.. WHY on earth would I do such a thing? Because I want to live a pleasurable life!

To retrain your mind, is to allow everything to become more pleasurable and in the end, find a happier life… I so want a happier and pleasurable life.. don’t you?I advise you to pick up this book, and you will discover, that we as humans, live the happiest lives, fulfilling lives, when we can experience pleasure, through enjoyment.





Marketing Barketing

April 26, 2007

My newest coined phrase, well, hum, my first. “Marketing Barketing” aka a “Barketer”

I can only tell you that the constant yacking, barketing and smoothering sounds of marketers, is in a nut shell, called Marketing Barketing. EVERY freaking body wants you to BUY THIS, OR BUY THAT, with little evidence that the product can perform to such stated services.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, for instance, I come from a world of computers and graphic design, I bought my first Mac in the stone ages, 1989, for $5000.00. (*thanks Mom. :D) I grew up on the internet, learning how to download, install and utilized software products to determine how “great” they are. This is a common and well understood practice, that if a software developer has a great product, you can download a “trial” version, that either is limited in functions (hopefully not the good one) and/ or time, it can “expire” or cease to exist. Great, right? Lets you determine if you want to purchase it.

Well, until you look at internet marketing. When I started getting going deep into internet marketing within the last year, I was pretty much all pumped up and had goose bumps after “really” reading a GREAT sales letter for a piece of software I admired. I might have even been panting a little heavy.

Shock of all shocks! They want me to fork over $197 for a software package and I can’t even TEST IT FIRST? WTF? Ummmm confusion set in, pain, I even had the look on my face, staring into that computer. Well, its great and dandy they have a “guarantee” and money back.. in full… wow, no restocking charge? LOL

So, if your really really into a product, I got news, be prepared to buy it from a “Barketter” (defined: a person in the art of “Marketing Barketing”) with the CLEAR understanding, you’ll have to ask for a refund IF you are unhappy with the software product. This is not a blanket statement about all products, just the majority of Barketter’s product being offered. This is probably a clear indication, you might want to research this product a bit more, say maybe an hour, and see what you can learn about it. Such as:

1. IS this the ONLY product that does this feature/function?

2. IS there any free or close to FREE scripts or products that you can idenfity as a candidate for purchase?

3. Am I buying this because there is NO SCREEN shots or TRIAL VERSION and I’m all pumped up on the sales copy alone?

Think about it. Tell me your thoughts.



Stumbling along, just a few months a go, I realized, I wasnt living a peaceful, pleasureable life… wtf? where was I? Floating down the stream.. like everyone else. Was I happy? Was I content? What exactly was I?

I had suddenly, at the crisp age of 40, realized that I had been lead astray. Not by someone intentionally givng me the wrong path, but by simply letting myself continue to go about things, thinking everything is just fine. I let myself go the route of least resistance. Well, it’s not fine anymore.

I have to make change, because,

1. I need it. I cannot go on, just being a bystander to life. I do have a meaning, I may not know what it is at this moment, but that doesn’t matter.

2. Change is good, it lets you “Readjust” your seat for better viewing. Skip the popcorn, remember, change is about, well, change. LOL and

3. I want to LIVE… can you ask yourself, “Am I living up to my potential?“.. think about it. Be serious now.

More to come…